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178 Acres 

~ Buffalo Mountain Ranch ~

only 880. month

1/2 mile square. County Road frontage. Joins Forest Service Preserve.  Gently rolling foothills.


Winnemucca, Nevada | Blue Mountain | 40 Acres for sale

40 Acres  ~ Blue Mountain ~

only 188. month

Rare acreage located on the far side of Blue Mountain.  Level to gently rolling land.  Surrounded by the Forest Service Preserve.


20 Acres  ~ Ninemile Mountain ~

only 156. month

Surrounded by Forest Service Preserve.  Gently rolling land.  Awesome views.


20 Acres  ~ Kelly Creek ~

only 128. month

Scenic Kelly Creek acreage.  Level to gently rolling land.  Easy drive to Golconda.


16 Acres  ~ Hot Springs Point ~

only 118. month

Rare acreage near the Hot Springs.  Level to gently rolling foothills.  Short drive to town.


” Buy land, they’re not making it anymore “

Mark Twain lived in Unionville, Nevada while he looked for silver.  Then, he moved to Virginia City, Nevada and wrote for the Territorial  Enterprise newspaper.

His smart quote about buying land has proven to be good advice from one generation to the next.

You may see wild horses on or near your property

In the early days of the American west, the horse was invaluable to the native Americans, ranchers and cowboys who depended upon horses for survival.  So, when you see these great animals roaming our valleys and hills, remember the important contribution they made.

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